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Mindful Moment With Mike - Meditation Live Streams

Posted at 7:49 AM, May 04, 2020

TULSA, OK — With all that's going on these days, you probably haven't created any time for yourself to stop and just be in the moment.

Two Works For You's Mike Brooks spoke with a trained Vedic Meditation Practitioner who says meditation can help ground us when we go into that "fear mode" because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Laurie Larson is the Executive Director of Osage Forest of Peace, a sanctuary for those seeking silence and solitude. The Forest, as they call it, is live streaming meditation sessions on its Facebook page and providing videos to help those in Green Country deal with all the stress.

"People who are familiar with transcendental meditation, or TM, vedic meditation is a precursor to that," Larson said. "Essentially it encourages us to meditate two times a day, 20 minutes each. When you first get up in the morning and then later on in the afternoon to kind of brush off all the stuff that you've accumulated."

"So what we also do besides the morning meditation, is we have Tuesday afternoon at 4:00 pm, Kate does a program that focuses on people who may be having difficulty with sleeping. Which is one of the symptoms of when people are under stress," she said. "Our sleep patterns are disrupted and that ends up obviously being a negative impact because if you're not sleeping well, you're not operating well during the day."

The Forest is also offering its first virtual retreat for those new to meditation on May 15.

If you'd like to visit Osage Forest of Peace their labyrinth, zen garden and three miles of hiking trails are open to the public.