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Mindful Moment With Mike - Making The Family A Team

Posted at 7:58 AM, May 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-01 08:58:12-04

TULSA, OK — The COVID-19 pandemic has Green Country moms working overtime. Fortunately, 2 Works For You's Mike Brooks found a "supermom" who's developed a system to bring peace and calm to any home.

Laura Hernandez has 10 kids that she home schools. Three are special needs children who require 20 appointments each week. She says in order to survive, you have to establish a team.

"In our home we have everything delegated out to everybody, so we're all working together as a team all the time, she said. "Like we rely on each other to do our jobs, so we can get our jobs done. So it's really just sitting down and being very intentional about scheduling out chores for our kids."

When asked if Hernandez has any tips on how to get kids to accept new responsibilities, Hernandez said, "My number one recommendation is sitting down and having a meeting to set very clear expectations."

"Okay this is what you're going to be doing now, this is what you're responsible for. If you don't do that, these are the consequences for that. And this is how we're going to run from now on," she said. "Just being really consistent with that. Expectations and consistency are the two main things.

Hernandez says children like routines.

"Hands down," she said. "Just because they know what's expected of them. They know that after we eat lunch we have two hour of quiet and it's not negotiable. There's no arguing because I've made it very clear that that's what mama needs is two hours of quiet. So you need to leave me alone and give me my two hours. You need to find X, Y, or Z to do. So just setting those really clear expectations and being consistent those is always a wonderful thing to do."

Hernandes has an e-guide on how to distribute chores to your kids and get them to actually work. There are morning chores, afternoon chores, and age appropriate chores. You'll find the link here.