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Meals on Wheels taking care of Oklahoma's elderly population

Posted at 9:29 AM, Nov 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 10:29:11-05

TULSA, Okla. — "It's a joy to have them to just knock on my door once a week with the food."

Bobby BlueJacket, an avid newspaper reader and puzzle solver, is healthy enough and fortunate enough to be able to live alone. But he depends on the kindness of Meals On Wheels to keep his body and spirit filled.

"It is a joy as well to receive one of their phone calls inquiring about my health," he said.

BlueJacket said the volunteers are like angels. "You can sense the feeling of love they have for others," he said.

Lorie Armstrong is one of those volunteers.

I'm the only person they hear from," Armstrong said. "Or when we're delivering, I might be the only person they see."

Usually, volunteers like Armstrong conduct wellness checks while delivering meals.

"They want to make sure that person is doing reasonably well," said Calvin Moore, Meals On Wheels President. "That there are no emergencies that need to be addressed and no hazards that need to be taken care of."

Armstrong said, "I always tell them if there's anything I can do for you, keep my number call me I'll be glad to help you any way I can."

Due to the pandemic, Meals On Wheels changed how they operate. Some volunteers now deliver bulk meals to limit exposure. Others make phone calls to check on clients.

"I just call, make sure they're getting their food, they're eating their food, everything is going okay," said Armstrong.

But that's not all Meals On Wheels does for Green Country's elderly. There's a pet program to provide pet food and support, and there's a home safety program. Even partnerships with businesses provide safety features like ramps and more.

"We also do other home repairs such as replace roofs, put in bay windows, and install grab bars," said Moore.

This holiday season, during this craziest of years, it's more important than ever to show what it means to be an Oklahoman, care for our neighbors, and volunteer or donate.

"So those wellness checks and those phone calls become even more important," said Moore. "They take on an even bigger role this year to make sure people don't face loneliness and isolation during the holidays."

Armstrong said, "Most of the people really, really enjoy getting that phone call."

"To know that you can be that one person that would smile at that old face, standing at that doorway and say good morning or good afternoon, I'm here with your meal," said BlueJacket. "(It's) just a terrific joy to be around people like that.

Two Works For You is very happy to partner with Meals On Wheels for its "Feed A Senior For A Month" holiday donation drive. You can feed a senior for a month for just $78. That's only $2.60 a day to help a senior through the holidays. You can also donate by calling this number - 918-921-3564. CLICK HERE to donate online to Meals On Wheels help feed seniors

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