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Man arrested in December Tulsa fatal hit & run

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jan 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-23 23:15:43-05

TULSA -- Finally, some answers for a Broken Arrow widow. Her husband Kevin Rea was hit and killed while riding his motorcycle at 66th and Memorial. The suspected driver is behind bars after his vehicle's OnStar system put him at the crash.


A picture says a thousand words.


"i just want to talk to him one more time," Kevin's wife Sara Carter-Rea said.


Love, admiration and forgiveness are just a few.


"We had a lot of great times, but we had a lot of struggles too," Carter-Rea said.


Pictures of Kevin lay spread out on the kitchen table. Images from 24 years of memories with wife Sara.


"I need his help right now," she said. "His help supporting me and protecting me like he always did."


December 3rd, just weeks before Christmas, was the last time Sara spoke to her husband.


"He hugged me really tight and told me that he loved me with all his heart and that he always had and he always will," she said. "He just really wanted me to know that."


More than a month later, Tulsa police arrested Earl Barnett Tuesday after OnStar recorded his vehicle at 66th and Memorial at the time of the accident. Police say Barnett left the scene after he hit the 59-year-old.


"He wasn't speeding," Carter-Rea said. "He was just coming through a light. They side-swiped him is what the report said that I saw."


As Sara sits on the couch and stares at the shirts she made for her husband's remembrance day, she's glad Earl Barnett is behind bars, but questions his $60,000 bond.


"This man is not going to be safe safe on the street if he bonds out," Carter-Rea said.


Barnett faces charges of first degree manslaughter and a hit and run injury resulting in death. He also faces four other charges pending in Mayes County for a separate incident. They include transporting an open container and being in actual physical control of a vehicle under the influence. He's due in Mayes County court in March.