TCSO reform on hold until new sheriff is elected

Posted at 6:44 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 19:44:31-05

An expensive report with an uncertain future.

The new consultant review of the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office calls for sweeping reform. However, the constant turnover in leadership raises some concerns about accountability for the changes.

This new report will serve as a blue print for the future.

While the department and acting Sheriff Michelle Robinette has taken a few steps toward change, their hands are tied, as they wait for a new sheriff.

The primary next Tuesday will identify top contenders for the general election in April.

But the report is just a set of recommendations, costing the county $130,000 thousand dollars.

Many of the key players, who contributed to the problems in the first place, have already left office and it's not clear if they will face any ramifications.

As for the future, County Commissioners say they will work with whoever is elected to make sure this plan is carried out.

“Whoever takes over this seat is going to read that document and look at every word in it,” Commissioner Karen Keith explained. “Certainly the jail trust authority, the county commissioners and the citizens in this county will be watching to make sure the sheriff does implement the recommendations in this study."

Keith says there is no doubt this report was worth the money. But she admits it will probably be months, until we will notice the changes in the department.