Louisiana dogs looking for homes after floods move them to Green Country

Posted at 9:52 PM, Sep 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-05 22:54:16-04

Everyone needs a home, but for thousands in Louisiana last month's flooding left them without one. But it wasn't only people left homeless.

The white van doors open and there are 22 dogs inside. They're anxiously waiting for someone to release the latch. Their yips and barks are filled with hope.

"They're a part of your family," Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue property manager Stacy Hawkins said. "They're not just something to put out in yard and forget about."

They're just starting their lives and don't know any better. A cage is a cage, but two shelters in Baton Rouge were full. Neighborhood dogs needed a place to go, so they asked Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue to take in the extras to find homes.

"Our group went down and met them half way and they're bringing home 3 adults, 2 juveniles and about 17 puppies," Hawkins said. "It's important for us to all band together for a common good. We believe that we can help these dogs, we help dogs on a daily basis be them rescues from other states or rescues from here in town."

"Some of those dogs had been with that rescue or in that shelter for two or three years," Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue employee Carrie Dunsmore said.

Doctor Watson found a foster home, until someone adopts him forever. He may not solve mysteries, but he'll be just as a loyal companion.         

"He has just a little underbite so he looks like a Dr. Watson," Doggie foster mom Chloe Cushman said.

The little furballs are just looking for somebody to love.

If you would like to foster or adopt, click here.