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Local Biden supporters call for empathy amid President Trump's coronavirus recovery

Trump experiencing 'mild' symptoms of COVID-19
Posted at 10:17 PM, Oct 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 10:02:40-04

TULSA — After President Donald Trump confirmed he tested positive for coronavirus, Thursday, his supporters sent him their well wishes.

Others wished ill-will on the president.

“It’s just not right. Every American should be disturbed by that, frankly, whether you’re a republican, democrat, or independent," Bob Jack, Tulsa County Republican Party chairman said. "You just don’t do things like that."

2 Works for You spoke with a pair of local Joe Biden supporters who fall right in line with Jack's message.

“There’s just so much hate," Rachel Clousing of Bixby said. "Why do we need to add more hate to the world?”

“While I may disagree with him politically I don’t think it serves anyone for him or his family to be suffering," Ivy Griffey added.

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Griffey already voted for the former Vice President of the United States. She told 2 Works for You, showing compassion for the president and First Lady Melania Trump is the right thing to do.

“He's a human being and I wouldn’t wish ill health on anyone," Griffey said.

Clousing said she does not care for President Trump and his supporters, but the number of nasty comments she's seen thrown the president's way, online, are disturbing.

“It’s kind of like going with the thing of don’t stoop to their level," Clousing said.

She asks fellow 45 foes to send their best and wait to criticize the president once he is fully-recovered and back on the campaign trail.

“It shows that we can put our differences aside if there’s like a situation that calls for us to come together," Griffey said.

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