LA Times: Man accused in fatal shooting of neighbor, Khalid Jabara, has criminal past in Calif.

Posted at 4:51 PM, Aug 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-18 17:51:30-04

TULSA - The man accused of fatally shooting his neighbor in south Tulsa also has a criminal past in California, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Stanley Vernon Majors, 61, is facing first degree murder charges in the shooting death of Khalid Jabara on August 12, but it seems that is not when his violent history began.

The Los Angeles times reports that Majors is originally from California.

In 2009, Majors was handed a restraining order for making threats towards a man in Los Angeles County. Despite being on parole for felony weapons charges in California, Majors moved to Tulsa in 2011, reports the LA Times.

In just a year after moving to Oklahoma, and next door to the Jabaras, an arrest warrant was issued for Majors after he violated the terms of his supervision, reports the LA Times.

The LA Times reports that Majors was extradited to California in 2013 but he came back to Oklahoma, eventually marrying in 2014.

The statement posted on Facebook by the Jabara family says that another restraining order against Majors was issued to protect the Jabara family.

Despite the restraining order, another heated incident occurred, this time between Majors and Haifa Jabara, who is the mother of Khalid. The Facebook statement from the family states that Majors spouted racial slurs and made threatening comments towards Haifa.

Just a few months after the first incident in 2015, Majors hit Haifa with his vehicle and sped off, causing her to have a broken shoulder, collapsed lung, broken ankle, broken nose, head trauma and fractured ribs, according to the Jabara family statement.

The LA Times reports that for several months Major was held in jail after the hit-and-run, without bond, but in May, he requested that his bond be set to $30,000. Tulsa County prosecutors objected but after a hearing, Majors’ bond was set at $60,000 and he was free by May 25.

Despite wearing an ankle monitor, the Jabara family says in their Facebook statement that they were scared.

The family’s statement says Khalid called police after learning that Majors acquired a gun. That night Khalid was shot to death on his front porch and Majors is still behind bars.

A funding website has been created to help the family with funeral costs, you can find it here.