John 3:16 Mission prepared for winter blast

Posted at 10:28 PM, Dec 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-07 23:52:34-05

With temperatures expected to be in the 20's, Green Country is prepared to help those who may not have a warm place to stay.

Every bed is numbered and has a pillow and blanket. They're just two essentials we need to have on a cold night.

"When it was cold out, I lived in my car most of the time," John 3:16 resident Michael Brown said. "There were a lot of times I didn't have money for gas, so we just huddled up with blankets. You just do what you have to do to survive.

Brown says he was homeless for a year. Now, he's joined John 3:16's program to live a life through Christ. Like many, he'll get a bed and a hot meal instead of fighting the temperatures in the 20's on street.

Matthew Maner spent years without a home. He says he would find ways to get warm in the cold.

"Find exhaust vents on the buildings," he said. "They got the exhaust vents that blow hot air out. It was a homeless heater."

"We know we will be at 110%, chances are we'll be much higher than that," John 3:16 Senior Pastor & CEO Rev. Steve Whitaker said. 

Rev. Whitaker says it's a sad reality that there are people who stay out in the cold on a night like Wednesday, and sometimes don't make it.

"You know it can be 40 degrees and the wind can be high enough and your body can get hypothermic," he said. "On a night like tonight where the windshields are going to be way down and in the next few days, it doesn't take very long outside."

As they pray and thank God for a hot meal, these men are thankful they're not on the street. They're at John 3:16 where they can sleep in a bed and have a meal. It's some things some of us take for granted. 

The shelter says they have vehicles ready to pick people up from the street if need be. If you see someone outside in these temperatures, you're asked to call authorities.