Human remains found in burned Haskell home

Posted at 9:03 PM, Aug 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-03 23:27:36-04
Officials say human remains found torched in the ashes of a burned down mobile home in Haskell are raising a lot of questions. 
"In my 34 years, this is a little bit different," said Lt. Faye banks of the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office. 
A Haskell firefighter discovered the human remains when he went to deliver a death notification on July 29 at 23701 W. Skelly Road. 
Officials say the chief was trying to notify the homeowner of the death of his mother, who was living in a nursing home in Sapulpa. 
"When he drove up he saw that the double wide trailer had burned," Lt. Banks said. 
Among the ashes, the chief says he found what he believed to be a human skull. 
Further investigation revealed the house burned down nearly 5 weeks ago. 
But after interviewing neighbors nearby, it appeared nobody realized it burned, including the fire department. 
"Whenever something burns, they notify [the fire department ] to come out and put it out, but they make note of it... And they didn't work this," Lt. Banks said. 
The state fire marshall was also called out to the scene. 
The cause of fire was ruled undetermined. 
"We just don't know what happened," Lt. Banks said. 
A medical examiner is working to positively identify the remains while investigators search for leads.