5 ways to stop garage break-ins

Posted at 5:09 PM, Dec 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-09 18:09:21-05

In Tulsa, home invasions are not uncommon and many intruders travel miles in order to break into homes all across the city.

According to the Tulsa Police Department more than 36,000 burglaries have occurred over the past five years alone.

Intruders look for easy access points into houses they burglarize and many begin by checking the garage. Now that holiday season is in full swing and many people utilize the garage to store valuable items, we've equipped you with ways to prevent garage break-ins:

1. Lock the garage door:

Although it may seem obvious, locking your garage door will go a long way in preventing intruders from entering your home. Many home owners forget to check windows and doors before they leave only to come home and find someone has made their way inside. Check locks regularly and confirm your door is shut before you leave.

2. Never leave the garage door open for a long period of time:

Leaving the garage door open while working around the house is a habit many of us are guilty of. Some intruders drive around neighborhoods before a burglary to plan which house they intend to break into. Intruders look for valuable items and information that will help make the robbery profitable and efficient. Do not make your home a target by leaving the garage door open.

3. Keep your garage door opener out of plain sight:

Intruders are always looking for easy ways to gain access inside homes they burglarize and the easiest way to get into any home is with a key. Many home owners only park inside of the garage when severe weather is expected and forget to take the garage door opener out of the car. Lock you garage door opener in the glove compartment or purchase a large key chain to connect onto the device.

4. Make the home look occupied:

Many home invasions take place when the owner is out of the house. Intruders look for activity around the property to limit their chances of being spotted and captured by police. Lights with motion sensors aid and make intruders weary of breaking into a home. Motion sensors can be equipped with timers and are sold at many hardware stores for as little as $20.00.

5. Purchase a new garage door opener:

Late model garage door openers ensure better security and make breaking into a home more difficult. Pre-2000 garage door openers can be hacked into within minutes using frequencies from a radio transmitter. Chamberlain and LiftMaster are among the top models of garage door openers.