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High gas prices affecting summer fun on the lake

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Posted at 8:03 PM, Jun 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-26 23:15:46-04

SAND SPRINGS, Okla — Gas prices aren't just affecting drivers on the roadways, it's affecting summer activities too.

With these warm temperatures, many people escape to the lake to cool down and have some fun.

This summer boaters are facing high gas prices which can impede fun for a lot of visitors.

Keystone Lake is a popular spot to enjoy the sun, cool down in the water, and spend time with family and friends.

For Brody Todd, it's not always fun anymore seeing the price he's paying to bring his Sea-Doo out.

“With fuel prices going up of course we all like to go out and have fun but just filling up $100 and it maybe fills it up. It's just making it where the funs not really going to cover all of it anymore", Todd said.

He said that is double what he used to pay.

Because of that Todd said they've cut down on how often they go out to the lake.

Sometimes going every other weekend or sometimes less.

“It is frustrating because you know me and my family we all like to come out, we all like to have a good time, and now just with how much money it cost it's just not worth it anymore", Todd said.

It's not just about the gas for the Sea-Doo, he also has to account for the gas to drive the truck that hauls it back and forth.

“We try to do it as cheap as we can to come out here and have the most fun but even then I think that’s still almost $4.60 a gallon I mean it's just crazy and then the truck is almost $6 a gallon", Todd said.

He said a full tank in his Sea-Doo usually lasts him a full day.

“Come all day and try to have as much fun as you can or you might as well just stay home with how much it’s costing", Todd said.

While most boaters agreed that the high gas prices are affecting them and how often they come, one boater said while it does cost a heafty price, they are willing to pay it to come out every weekend.

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