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Henryetta family wants stricter sex offender laws after daughter’s death

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Posted at 4:44 PM, Sep 12, 2023

HENRYETTA, Okla. — The family of a teen girl, killed by a convicted rapist, is pushing for stricter laws for sex offenders in Oklahoma and across the country. Investigators say Jesse McFadden killed his wife, her three children, and two of their teen friends before committing suicide.

One of the teen’s family and a state lawmaker are working together to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

“We have to make this right because of how pure she was,” said 14-year-old Ivy Webster’s dad, Justin Webster.

2027 should’ve been 14-year-old Ivy Webster's graduation year.

“She just had this love and joy,” said Ivy’s cousin Tiffany Troy.

In her 8th-grade back-to-school picture it shows Ivy's favorite things and hopes and dreams. For what should’ve been the start of her high school career, the board and shirt sit empty.

“She was an angel on earth,” said Webster. “She was the nicest person to everybody.”

Ivy’s dad, Justin Webster, and cousin, Tiffany Troy, don’t want any other family to feel the pain they’ve been dealing with since Ivy was killed.

“The petition is going to save some lives for sure,” said Troy.

The family has gathered more than 3,200 signatures to push their knight’s law through the Oklahoma legislature.

They want 13 different laws to close loopholes they say led to Ivy’s death.

“There’s a lot of laws that we have asked for that would have prevented this from happening,” said Troy.

In May, investigators say convicted rapist Jesse McFadden killed his wife Holly Guess, her three children, Rylee Allen, Michael Mayor, and Tiffany Guess and two of Tiffany’s friends Brittany Brewer and Ivy Webster. McFadden was due back in court for other child sex crimes when they were all found dead.

“These monsters need to be locked up for life,” said Webster. “They cannot be reformed.”

The family’s top priority is a law that requires any person convicted of a sex crime against a child to serve life without parole.

“I think the legislative body in any state should do everything that they can to make sure that children especially but really all citizens should be protected from these types of crimes,” said Representative Scott Fetgatter.

District 16 state Representative Scott Fetgatter has been working with the family to help create bills that can be heard during the next legislative session.

“This is something that actually definitely protects kids and that’s what we should be doing,” said Representative Fetgatter. “That’s where we should be focusing our attention.”

The family wants Oklahoma to be in compliance with Megan’s Law requiring state and national sex offender registries to align. They want a mandatory notice to everyone within five miles of a sex offender's home and job. They want mandatory background checks on all marriage applications barring convicted sex offenders from living with a potential spouse's children.

“We can’t be losing anymore kids to monsters that should’ve already been locked up so it’s time to fix that,” said Webster.

Webster wants to make sure Oklahoma children and kids across the country are protected.

“I feel confident that this push, what we’re doing, is coming from her as she stands next to Jesus in heaven fighting this battle with us,” said Webster.

The family wants to see these 13 laws enacted. To sign their petition click here.

1.  Any person CONVICTED of a sex crime against a child serves a life sentence with no possibility of parole. 

End the Revolving Door for Child Sex Offenders: Are you tired of seeing headlines about child sex offenders reoffending within months of their release? Do you believe that the safety of our children should be our first priority? It's time for justice that matches the severity of the crime. Under Knight's Law 2.0, anyone convicted of a sex crime against a child will face a life sentence with no possibility of parole, because some people simply can't be rehabilitated.

2. Romeo and Juliet Laws enacted in EVERY state.

The Sticky Situation: We all remember the intensity of teenage love, but what if that love landed you or someone you know with a lifelong label as a sex offender? Inconsistencies in age-of-consent laws across states can turn young love into a criminal offense. There’s currently Romeo and Juliet Laws in multiple states. This law says that if BOTH parties consent to the sexual act and are of the age of consent, then a parent can’t file statutory rape charges if BOTH parties consented to the action.

What We Stand For: With Knight's Law 2.0, we want to standardize Romeo and Juliet Laws on a national level. Our goal is to differentiate between consensual relationships among teens and young adults and predatory sexual behavior. We want to ensure that young people aren't labeled for life due to legal technicalities or vindictive parents. Help us separate youthful passion from criminal intent, allowing our legal system to focus on prosecuting actual predators, not hormonal teens.

3. A mandatory notice sent to every resident within five miles of the sex offender's registered home and work address.

The Shocking Reality: Picture this - you're at a local fast-food joint with your kids. Would you be comfortable knowing that a registered sex offender is taking your order? Probably not, right? How about your child working with a registered sex offender one-on-one? Yet, that could be happening right now because current laws don't mandate disclosure when a sex offender gains new employment in a public-facing job.

With regard to hiring, the business has a duty to ensure the patrons and employees are made aware if they are working/engaging with a sex offender, and the company should also be held liable if a sex crime is committed on their property by the registered sex offender, or while in the course and scope of employment.

If a sex offender gains employment, then the community has a right to be made aware – we would like mandatory community notifications sent to residents within a five-mile radius.

The Other Issue: Imagine discovering that your new neighbor is a registered sex offender and you had no idea. The concern for your family's safety would be overwhelming. Currently, there's no requirement for communities to be notified when a registered sex offender moves in through a rental or purchase.

Our Action Plan: Knight's Law 2.0 proposes to bolster community safety through increased transparency in the real estate and rental markets. Landlords will be mandated to complete background checks and inform the community if they rent to a convicted sex offender. Similarly, realtors will be obligated to disclose information on all registered sex offenders within a 10-mile radius during the closing process of a home sale.

4. Require background checks on all marriage applications, if a party is identified as a sex offender then the other party is notified. The marriage application will be automatically denied if the non-offender entering this union has minor children.

The Problem: Believe it or not, convicted sexual offenders can still apply for a marriage certificate without any significant hurdles, even if their intended spouse has children. This loophole places families and children at unimaginable risk.

Our Solution: Let's amend the marriage certificate application process to require comprehensive background checks for both parties. If one of them is a convicted sexual offender and the other party has children, the court will automatically dismiss the application. Let's make marriage a safer institution for everyone involved, most importantly for the kids who can't protect themselves.

5. Convicted child sex offenders should not be granted custody of any child. They should also be prohibited by law from residing with any child.

Protect Our Kids, Inside and Out: Can you imagine a convicted child sex offender gaining custody of a child, or even just living in a home with one? It's a nightmare scenario, and unfortunately, it's one that the law doesn't adequately prevent. Under Knight's Law 2.0, we're drawing a clear line in the sand: convicted child sex offenders would be absolutely prohibited from gaining custody or even living in the same home as anyone under 18 — no exceptions, no loopholes, no parental consent as a workaround. This is about making sure our laws are as strong as our instinct to protect our children. Don't let legal loopholes put our kids in danger.

6. After being released from prison, failure to register as a sex offender should be a felony charge.

Stop Negligent Parenting, Stop Offenders: What if a parent or guardian willingly allowed a convicted sexual offender to have access to their child? Unthinkable, right? Yet, gaps in our current laws make it possible. Knight's Law 2.0 would slap criminal charges on any parent or guardian who knowingly allows such a terrifying scenario. No excuses.

Make Failure to Register a Serious Crime: We need to treat failure to register as a sex offender as what it is: a high-stakes crime. With Knight's Law 2.0, anyone failing to register would face a mandatory minimum prison term, followed by years of electronic monitoring.

First Offense: 2 years in prison + 3 years electronic monitoring
Second Offense: 5 years in prison + 5 years electronic monitoring
Third or More Offenses: 15 years in prison + 10 years electronic monitoring

It's time to hold offenders accountable and make it unimaginable for any parent or guardian to put a child in harm's way. We need your signature to make this a reality.

7. Require all states to be in compliance with Megan’s Law.

The Gap in Our Defense: Did you know that not all states fully comply with Megan's Law? That means there are gaps in our nation's system for tracking and notifying communities about sex offenders, especially when they cross state lines. It's like having a smoke detector that only works half the time.

Our Solution: Knight's Law 2.0 calls for all states to be in full compliance with Megan’s Law, closing the loopholes in our safety net. Beyond that, we're pushing for real-time community notifications within a 5-mile radius whenever a sex offender moves to a new address. These aren't just a name and a number; we want comprehensive notifications that include photographs, physical identifiers, and details about their criminal record. Plus, we'll guide you on how to report any concerns to law enforcement. Help us weave a stronger, more reliable safety net across America.

8. All child sex crimes need to be investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or the state-level Bureau of Investigation.

The Issue: When it comes to investigating child sex crimes, the stakes are unimaginably high. These sensitive cases demand a specialized skill set for conducting thorough, unbiased investigations. Yet, far too often, local agencies without this specific expertise are tasked with these critical responsibilities.

Our Action Plan: Knight's Law 2.0 proposes that all child sex crimes be investigated by either the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the respective state-level Bureau of Investigation. By ensuring that only trained specialists handle these high-stakes cases, we raise the likelihood of perpetrators facing justice and being removed from society, while also providing the victim a greater sense of trust in the system.

If you agree that specialized agencies should be leading these crucial investigations, sign this petition today. Together, we can improve the integrity of child sex crime investigations and serve justice where it's most needed.

9. Once convicted of a sex crime, the sex offender should have to serve their entire sentence in prison; there should be no ability to earn early release credit.

The Concern: When we release sexual offenders back into society, we're rolling the dice. Not only do they have a high likelihood of reoffending, but they can even continue their criminal actions while in custody.

Our Solution: Knight's Law 2.0 aims to put a stop to this by eliminating any chance for these offenders to earn early release credits. It means serving the full sentence, no exceptions. But we're taking it a step further. If an offender commits a similar offense while in prison, whether that's sexual assault on another inmate or using a contraband phone to exploit children, an automatic 20-year extension will be added to their sentence.

Time to say 'enough is enough.' We need to have a zero-tolerance policy for those who exploit the most vulnerable among us.

10. The state should be held accountable every time they fail to inform the victims of their offender’s release, no immunity.

The Problem: Imagine surviving the trauma of a sexual assault only to one day cross paths with your offender—unaware that they had been released. A failure to notify victims of an offender's release adds insult to injury and can be deeply retraumatizing. Enforced the current law in place.

Our Solution: Under Knight's Law 2.0, the state would have an absolute obligation—without immunity from accountability—to inform prior victims about the release of their offenders. If the state fails in this duty, it must face legal consequences. This law ensures that you're never left in the dark and are given the respect and safety you deserve… because being informed should be a right, not a privilege.

11.  Once classified as a sex offender, any subsequent sex crime charges will require the offender to be held without bond until their trial.

The Problem: Imagine a sex offender, already convicted once, is arrested again for a similar crime but is quickly released on bond. The possibility of reoffending before trial is not only terrifying but also dangerous to our community.

Our Solution: Knight's Law 2.0 demands that anyone who is already classified as a sex offender and faces subsequent charges for similar crimes be held without bond until their trial. This ensures that our neighborhoods are safer and survivors can breathe easier, knowing that the perpetrator can't harm others while awaiting trial. Furthermore, in cases of extreme violence with compelling evidence, even first-time offenders may be held without bond at the discretion of the presiding judge (this is the current law which is rarely enforced). A person with a history of sexual offenses shouldn't have the opportunity to victimize anyone else while waiting for their day in court. Let's close the loophole and keep our community safe.

12. To ensure student safety, we would require all schools to use the Raptor System and to be fully fenced.

The Problem: Despite advancements in technology, many schools still lag in securing the safety of our kids. We need a modern, efficient way to screen anyone who steps foot on school grounds to ensure they pose no threat to students.

Our Solution: Implement the Raptor System in every school across the nation. This system scans state-issued driver's licenses to instantly check for violent or sexual assault convictions. If a match is found, local authorities are alerted immediately. For schools with existing facial recognition technology, databases must be updated consistently as new offenders move into the area.

13.  Federally mandated training to those on the front lines - child welfare agencies, law enforcement, and educators (both public and private schools).

The Unsettling Truth: Every day, well-intended cops, teachers, and child welfare agents miss crucial signs of child sexual abuse and trafficking. It's not always their fault; they're often undertrained and overwhelmed.

Our Mission: Under Knight's Law 2.0, we're not leaving child safety to chance or gut feelings. We're calling for federal mandates to provide comprehensive training to those on the front lines—our child welfare agencies, law enforcement personnel, and educators in both public and private schools. They'll be armed with the tools they need to spot the red flags and take immediate action. Let’s make sure those who are tasked with protecting our kids have the tools to do it. It's like equipping firefighters with water; let's give our protectors what they need to protect.

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