Greasy residents hoping for new warning system following EF-1 tornado

Posted at 4:25 PM, Mar 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-08 19:35:23-05

GREASY, Okla. -- As the community of Greasy sifts through the destruction left behind by Monday's tornado, many are hoping to learn from that terrifying night.

“We got really lucky this time,” said resident David Comingdeer.

The familiar aftermath of a twister.

“This isn't the first time a tornado came within sight of where we are standing,” said Comingdeer. “There was another one a few years ago just to the south.”

A brush with fate that spared the Cherokee community of Greasy who had cell phones to thank for the warning.

“A lot of people was watching for the storm and your battery only lasts so long,” said resident Willis Catcher.

Residents are grateful no one was hurt when that EF-1 funnel rolled into town Monday night.

But with no warning system to speak of in town, they say they're worried the destruction represents their vulnerability.

State commissioners agree.

“Weather can change in a heartbeat. People can be at a ballpark or a concert or somewhere where they need to have a plan,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak.

As plans begin anew for the local community center, thoughts now move to protection.

“More shelters would be nice now that this think about stuff like that now,” said Catcher.

Many hope a possible siren could save lives the next time Mother Nature sets her sights on Greasy.

“It's 2017 now, it's not the old days anymore,” said Comingdeer. “These acts of nature, these acts of God are beyond our control, but we do have control over modern technology.”