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Girl Camper group travels Route 66

Girl Camper group travels route 66
Girl Camper group travels route 66
Posted at 2:13 PM, Jun 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-02 22:18:08-04

TULSA, Okla. — A group of ladies is celebrating Route 66 with a camping trip.

The national female camping organization known as Girl Camper is traveling through Tulsa Wednesday and Thursday.

The group of 41 women from different states decided to take a journey along Route 66 beginning in Miami and ending in Sante Fe.

With trucks hauling vintage and new campers, ladies from Ohio, Kansas, Oklahoma, and many other states have come together to experience Historic Route 66.

“It’s like a scavenger hunt we have a passbook and we were stamping as we went everywhere we had been they’d put a stamp in that we’d been there,” said Betty Winfrey who's apart of the Girl Camper organization.

Winfrey showed me her passport where she’s already checked off Miami’s Coleman Theater.

While they are following the passport book they are also finding other treasures.

“We’re finding all these little mom and pop places. Places that have been there for 50 plus years,” said Karen Smith who's a part of the Girl Camper organization.

Karen Smith says for her the trip is not only about connecting with the past but also connecting with the present by meeting people along the way.

With 41 ladies taking the journey and Tulsa being a two-day stop, Rhys Martin, the Route 66 Association President, says it has a big impact on the local economy.

“For every dollar that’s invested in tourism in each of these communities $7 comes back in the form of travelers and the revenue from taxes that it raises. So you think of 40 different campers showing up in Stroud, Oklahoma to eat at the rock cafe and that fills their entire restaurant,” Martin said.

He says this isn’t the biggest group he’s seen travel the route but, “this is the biggest group we’ve had in a while. The pandemic did have an impact on travel especially international travel but we seeing all that start to pick up again so it's just great to see these folks back out on the road.”

The Girl Campers say now’s the time to explore.

“You’re never too young or too old to have an adventure and with females especially. Some females get intimated by pulling a camper. Don’t be intimated. If your hearts desire is to get out there and do it, do it. There’s always some female camper along the way that will have your back,” said Deb Bringar who's a part of the Girl Camper organization.

For those who decide to take the journey down Route 66 Smith has some advice.

“Don’t be so quick to get to the end of the road. Take your time, talk to the people, hear their stories and enjoy the journey,” Smith said.

The ladies plan to continue their Route 66 journey over the next two years along other sections of Route 66.

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