Full Moon Cafe auctioning items, won't reopen

Posted at 6:48 PM, Sep 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-28 19:48:52-04

TULSA - The Full Moon Cafe on Cherry Street started auctioning its items Monday morning.

Flat screen TVs, bar stools, kitchen appliances and cookware, and artwork are among the items being auctioned off.

The owners voluntary closed the restaurant on Sept. 6. following health code violations, with plans to remodel.

Health inspections show over the past six months, Full Moon Cafe has seen dozens of violations, including mouse droppings, mold on food and a roach problem so bad that health inspectors ordered the restaurant to shut down immediately mid-August.

The pictures in this video show the health code violations.

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Mohammad Shaar attended the auction and said the roach problem was so bad Monday he had to leave.

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"There is roaches crawling in the ceilings and the cooking area, on the floor, under the carpet," said Mohammad Shaar, who attended the auction.

That was enough for him.

"I just walked in and walked out," said Shaar.

The roach problem was so bad last month, the health department forced Full Moon to close.

Photos from their visit capture roaches, rotting food and filthy conditions.

The general manager, Tony Henry, faces up to $8,400 in fines. On top of that, past employees say they are suing because they haven't been paid.

Still, in a statement three weeks ago, Henry said they planned to reopen and were  "... closed for a remodel."

But on Monday Henry was auctioning off the restaurant, item by item. We weren't allowed inside but we did obtain the auction list. See a full list of items.

One item not up for sale, the building itself.

"It is for lease though so we're looking for a new tenant because we think the building adds a lot of charm to Cherry Street. It's been here since 1927," said Greg McGill, who owns the building.

"We have about six people looking at right now," said McGill.

He said the hope is to bring this Tulsa favorite back and is certain the damage done, won't stop that from happening.

"Not at all. This is a jewel on Cherry Street. It will go. It will go fast. All we got to do is clean it up and get ready to go," said McGill.