FOP: TCSO jail, employees are underfunded

Posted at 2:48 PM, Feb 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-11 15:48:53-05

Since a strongly worded letter was sent from the Fraternal Order of Police to Tulsa County commissioners, relations between the two have been heated. 

County commissioners and members of the FOP met for the first time Thursday to talk about the letter thatdemanded more money for the county jail and deputies.

The FOP argued that the Tulsa County Jail is underfunded and several deputies within the department are without longevity pay for their many years in service.

County commissioners denied having sole responsibility for the lack of funds. They told deputies and FOP members they are just one part of the budget ward, and personnel pay is ultimately determined by the Tulsa County sheriff.

But that didn't stop many from feeling the lack of support from county officials.

“From the decisions that were made that people didn't agree with, the lack of transparency, it just lowers the morale of the office and its employees. Who wants to go to work when morale is so low no one wants to be there,” said Travis Jones, President, Tulsa Co. Dep. Sheriff's FOP #188.

No decisions were made with any of the FOP's demands, but commissioners said they would look into more longevity pay for deputies at the end of the fiscal year.