Grand jury llegations revealed against Glanz

Posted at 11:21 AM, Oct 01, 2015
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Wednesday it was announced that in the grand jury's findings they requested Sheriff Stanley Glanz be removed and suspended from office. 

Earlier on Wednesday, the grand jury collaborated on eight recommendations for the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office, they are listed below:

1. The grand jury recommends that TCSO policies are adhered to closely and uniformly.

2. Although CLEET has a grandfather policy the grand jury suggests that the TCSO adopts an internal policy that even if a person has been certified by CLEET if they have been absent from law enforcement for more than five years they must complete the full application process, testing and training requirements for a full time deputy.

3. The grand jury finds it necessary that the TCSO establish and adhere to policies specifically regarding training and experience requirements for assignment by department. In specific, specialized units such as SOT, task forces etc.

4. It has been determined that the method of training and personnel documentation compliance needs to be improved. The grand jury suggests a person or committee specifically tasked with making sure the training and personnel records are complete, uniform and up to date. These records should be subject a regular audit.

5. Better accountability of field training hours.

6. The grand jury that at any time a transfer or reassignment occurs, a copy of the deputy’s training records shall accompany that reassignment and be signed off on as complete and sufficient for the new assignment by the new chain of command.

7. The grand jury requests that TCSO make the internal affairs department more autonomous from the TCSO itself. In addition it is recommended that each and every investigation be assigned an internal affair number.

8. The grand jury suggests that TCSO create some type of fully anonymous avenue for employees to report an issue. It is also suggested that these reports are documented and maintained.

Terry Simonson, TCSO spokesperson, said the grand jury handed the judge five envelopes, he said “I believe in each one is a jury findings form for each of the 5 allegations that were contained in the petition. The judge said she would review the forms and reconvene at 2 to read the outcome.”

Simonson went on to say that “the five allegations contained in the petition are: habitual or willful neglect of duty; gross partiality in office, oppression in office, corruption in office, and willful maladministration. In each envelope there may be a form where at least 9 or the 12 jurors would have to sign if they found any of these existed. Less than 9 means no findings and the petitioner has failed to prove their allegations against him.”

Later in the day, the grand jury released its findings to the public, showing eight allegations. They are as follows. 

Willful Maladministration:

One part was testimony from Glanz himself asking full time deputies to refrain from enforcing policies when it came to reserve deputies.

It also found that the sheriff knowingly hid a memo concerning Robert Bates that should have been made public. In the memo, it showed that Bates received special treatment and lacked training.

In the documents, it shows that Bates had not received or completed reserve deputy training and FTO training as required by the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office policy. The only course of action after discovering this information was to force Bates to donate his vehicle, which he had fashioned with police lights and equipment despite the fact that he was not allowed to do so.  

It says, other than requiring he donate his vehicle, Bates was not disciplined or counseled, nor was his activity curtailed in any fashion.

The documents also say that Bates was placed under the direct supervision of Captain Huckeby and Chief Albin, which was a contradiction to TCSO policy concerning the reserve deputy program.

For that memo, Glanz was indicted for willful maladministration.


Gross Partiality in Office:

The documents also showed that in 2009 Glanz instructed a sergeant to give Bates a passing grade during a firearm qualification test. Bates did not originally pass the course because he was reprimanded for failing to “cover” other participants as part of the exercise

Gross Partiality in Office:

In addition, Bates was allowed to carry and utilize a firearm that he was not authorized to use. The same weapon was later used in the shooting of Eric Harris, in which Bates says he mistook the .38 revolver for a Taser.

Oppression in Office and/or Gross Partiality

Another allegation shows that other reserve deputies were allowed to approach Glanz directly, asking questions and making direct requests, violating the chain of commands within the system. Glanz is even accused acting upon the requests made by reserve deputies “due to their position and influence in the community and to retain their ability to be benefactors to the sheriff’s office."

Glanz testified before the grand jury saying that he would advise full time deputies to refrain from enforcing the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office policies when it came to reserve deputies.

Oppression in Office:

The jury also found that when Glanz asked Major Tom Huckeby to resign following an internal affairs investigation into the 2009 report that revealed Huckeby showed preferential treatment towards Bates, Glanz told Huckeby “Keep your mouth shut. Remember that your son works for me.” Eventually this statement led Huckeby to ultimately resign from the TCSO.

Corruption in the Office:

During the years of 2006, 2007 and 2008 the grand jury found that Glanz purchased a stock in the parent company of a product later used by the Tulsa County Jail.

Then, because of Tulsa County's purchase of the product, and the sheriff’s endorsement of the product, the value of that stock increased. Despite the fact that the county’s purchase of the product increased its value, the sheriff kept his financial interest as secret.

Corruption in Office

Glanz was also indicted on another count that involved taking a $600 monthly vehicle stipend, keeping the cash and driving a county vehicle

Willful Maladministration:

Lastly, the jury found that Glanz advised Undersheriff Brian Edwards to not make a statement regarding an internal affairs investigation following the 2009 report, despite the fact that he was a key witness.

As a result of this advisement, Chief John Bowman, who was conducting the investigation, was unable to provide necessary evidence.

Glanz sent a statement shortly after the announcement, saying

I have spent the last 50 years dedicating my life to professional law enforcement.  In 1988, I was elected to the office of Sheriff for Tulsa County and have served as sheriff for the past 27 years.  It has been my honor to serve the citizens of this community.  Over the years, I have employed hundreds of people and made thousands of decisions.  I have always tried to be transparent, do the right thing, and keep an open door policy.  My door has always been open to all employees and citizens and it affects me greatly to now hear that some employees did not perceive it to be.  I have sought to improve the office through national recognition and accreditation from the American Correctional Association, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and National Commission on Correctional Health Care. The shooting death of Eric Harris which occurred on April 2, 2015 was a tragedy for his family, the community, and the sheriff’s office.  That shooting has placed a spotlight on this office and my management of the office.  I know that my decisions have caused some to criticize me both publicly and privately.  As sheriff, I take responsibility for all decisions made by me or in my name but I assure you they were all made in good faith.  I truly regret that any of my actions have led to the impaneling of this grand jury, and the disruptions in the lives of the jurors and the witnesses. Prior to April of 2015, I had already decided not to run for re-election and allow duly elected and new sheriff to lead the office after 2016.  I was intent on serving the remainder of my term and allow for an orderly transition rather than a decision made in haste.  That is the reason I have not resigned my office and saw it as part of my duty to see the office through this crisis and help bring about the change that was needed. I know that the Grand Jury has spent many weeks hearing testimony and evidence concerning my management of the office and decisions that I have made.  I told them when I testified I would respect their decision, and if they concluded it was in the best interests of the office and the community, I would voluntarily step aside and resign my office. Therefore, I will resign from my position of Sheriff of Tulsa County in the immediate future.  I regret that I am out of town on business and could not deliver this message to you personally.

The sheriff’s attorney said they intend to fight the indictments, which are misdemeanors.

As for the group who initially started the petition that eventually led to the removal, they call Wednesday a victory.

The family of Eric Harris sent a statement regarding the announcement saying "We are pleased to learn that the grand jury resulted in an ouster indictment against Sheriff Glanz.  We are also satisfied that Sheriff Glanz has finally chosen to resign. We commend the grand jury for their hard work. It is reassuring to know that the justice system worked in this instance. The Petition drive, led by Marq Lewis, and the subsequent grand jury proceedings, go to show that regular citizens can accomplish extraordinary results. Still, the fight is not over. We urge OSBI and the FBI to continue the investigation into Stanley Glanz and the other individuals who conspired and participated with him in unlawful behavior. We will not rest until the whole truth is known about what happened to Eric. We will not rest until justice is served."

According to Terry Simonson with TCSO says, Sheriff Glanz is scheduled to discuss possible removal Thursday. Glanz will resign before Nov. 10 and in the meantime, the Undersheriff Richard Weigel will take over duties immediately.

RELATED STORIES: Undersheriff Richard Weigel will assume duties of Tulsa County Sheriff | Poll: Should Stanley Glanz step down?Stanley Glanz career with Tulsa County Sheriff's Office began in January 1989

Simonson did tell 2 Works for You that “the sheriff told the grand jury that if they believed it was in the best interest of the TCSO and Tulsa County for him to leave, then he would. He respects them, the time they have spent on this, and ultimately their decision. There would be no fight to stay.”


Mayor Dewey Bartlett also sent a statement saying "Now that a recommendation has been made from the Grand Jury and Sheriff Glanz made the decision to step down, it is time we move forward as a community for our residents and businesses in Tulsa. This has been a very difficult time for our community and all of the families involved. Public safety is a priority for the city of Tulsa and our partnership with Tulsa County is as important as ever. With the grand jury behind us, we can now focus on our jail contracts and look forward to working with the future leadership in the Sheriff’s Office.”

The grand jury investigation into the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was called for after an internal TCSO memo from 2009 was released that showed former reserve deputy Robert Bates and a number of supervisors were the subjects of an investigation on whether he received special treatment.

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Robert Bates is facing a second-degree manslaughter charge for the shooting death of Eric Harris.

Bates said he mistook his gun for his Taser when he shot Harris during an undercover investigation.

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