Edison students head to D.C. for Inauguration Day

Posted at 1:33 PM, Jan 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-19 14:51:31-05

TULSA -- They're off! A group of Edison Preparatory students left Wednesday morning for Washington D.C. They're set to attend Inauguration Day Friday.

There is five minutes until class begins. Most students take a quick locker stop. A handful of students enter Mr. McAfee's class. Inside, posters align the walls, words sacred to this country. George Washington, one of our founding fathers, keeps an eye on the class.

Jameson White is turning pages back in time. She's writing answers to history.

"It's really relatable almost because it's how our country started," she said. 

Friday's lesson will be outside the walls of Mr. McAfee's class. 50 students are going to the country's capital for Inauguration Day. Mr. McAfee spoke to student in the cafeteria about the trip, preparing them to witness history. 

Matthew McAfee saw President Barack Obama take office in 2009.

"You have people that are lined up for almost miles it seems like and they're waving American flags," he said. "They're super excited to be there, you can just have an atmosphere that is unlike anything else. It was part of the reason why I thought this would be something so awesome for the kids to get to see."

McAfee says it's not about the political party, it's about transition of power.

"These kids are going to be able to look at a history book later and know that they were there for that," he said.

Jameson's father says the $2,000 trip is worth every penny.

"Who wants to pass up that opportunity?" David White said. "I mean I would want to go see this."

White wants his 14-year-old to get involved.

"This kind of gets to show them the outcome of the system, but hopefully gets some excitement that they'll want to be part of the process and not people that stay home and just think their vote one vote doesn't matter and don't vote," he said. 

As Jameson packs, layers among layers, she hopes her generation knows the future lies in their hands.

"Especially this generation currently and millennials have stopped caring and that's not ok." she said. "So this is good to get exposed early so that you can continue to have that as you grow older."

With her suitcase in hand, Jameson white is rolling her voice and heart to Washington.

We've gave Jameson a GoPro. She's going to be our sideline reporter, taking videos and pictures. She will share with us firsthand what happens when the 45th president takes oath.