Deputy shoots dog during RCSO investigation

Posted at 7:38 PM, Mar 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-03 20:38:21-05

A family dog is fighting for his life after being shot by a Rogers Co. deputy in his own yard.

Twelve-year-old Gabrielle Brock was reunited with Bruno today after coming home from church last night and finding the dog bleeding on the porch.

Gabrielle said they found a note on the door saying that deputies had shot the dog after Bruno had attacked a deputy while investigating a crime in the area.

“We didn't know what to do so we called mom,” Gabrielle said.

Angie Laymon, Gabrielle’s mother, called RCSO.  Surveillance video shows a deputy turning in to investigate reported gunshots in the area.  Laymon says Bruno, trained to protect her property, went toward the deputy.

Investigators told Laymon that Bruno attacked the deputy as he came around to the side of her Escalade.

“I said, 'did he bite him?' And he said 'well, he felt threatened,'” Laymon said.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton says his deputy acted out of self-defense.”

“Why didn't he tase him? Why did he pepper-spray him? The officer's weapon is the first thing he drew, and we don't have time to go through this use of force ladder,” Walton said.

The bullet shattered Bruno’s shoulder, which will be treated with evasive surgery.  Laymon says it could cost up to $5,000.  Laymon plans to file a tort claim with Rogers Co. to pay for the procedure.

“It's just not fair, he's a part of our family,” Laymon said.

Gabrielle just wants her dog, who’s like a brother, back.

“It's just better with him,” she said.