Coweta 7th grader says she's been bullied for months, got protective order, says she told school

Posted at 9:21 PM, Dec 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-06 14:21:38-05

A Coweta Junior High student says she's been bullied for months. Her parents are taking action after they say the school district hasn't.

One week ago, 13-year-old Chynna Holland says a fellow Coweta Junior High School classmate threatened to kill her, three times in two days. 

"I would rather be homeschooled than go to school right now," she said. "It's getting so bad."

The seventh grader says that's when students banded together and wore green tape.

"They're protesting against me and protesting for him," the 13-year-old said. 

Holland says she's been bullied since August, when she says a girl in her class beat her up. Her mother Julie, filed a police report. Now, there's a protective order against the student she says left knots on her head.

"I'm constantly watching my phone to see if she's texting me, telling me she needs me," Chynna's mother Julie Holland said. "Every minute I'm wondering if I am going to get a call where she needs me again." 

The Hollands say their daughter has shut down.

"You can just see it on her face and her actions," Chynna's father David Holland said. "It's like she's going to her execution, she does not want to go to that school."

It's hard for this couple to say what happened next. They say their precious daughter wanted it all to end.

"We had an incident here the other day at home," Holland said. "Julie went to put some clothes up, pulled her drawer open to her nightstand and there are prescription medications that had been prescribed to my wife that our daughter was planning to take to end her life."

"When I asked her about it she said, "My plan was to go to sleep and just not wake up," the seventh grader's mother said.

An bullying expert says schools can play a role in stopping the harassment.

"Our educators are required to report bullying if a student does tell them that bullying is happening," Preventing Bullying Tulsa Executive Director Steve Hahn said.

Both parents say their daughter has told school officials of more than 50 instances where she was bullied. But Chynna's father, David, says it took him going to police for the case to be investigated.

"Hopefully it does stop," Chynna Holland said. "I would not want to hurt for the rest of the five years I've got to go here." 

The school district declined an on-camera interview. But they sent us a statement saying they can't discuss the details of the discipline in this situation. They say they take all accusations seriously and enforce their no-bullying policy.