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CONSERVE WATER: Tulsa officials hope water levels return to normal next week

Crews respond to north Tulsa water line break
Posted at 1:42 PM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-24 23:32:12-05

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa’s voluntary boil order advisory remains in effect and the City continues to urge residents to conserve water.

City officials anticipate a return to normal operations by sometime next week. The voluntary boil order applies to customers who experienced low water pressure, are seeing discolored water, and those who have recently had water service restored after their water was shutoff for waterline repairs.

Conserve Water

The City continues to pump elevated levels of water from its water treatment plants to meet current demand and make up for water loss in the system. Until pumpage returns to normal demand, Tulsa water customers are asked to conserve water.

  • Refrain from using high water-usage appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine
  • Refrain from taking baths and long showers
  • Refrain from washing your vehicles
  • Keep your water usage to consumption only, such as for cooking, getting drinking water, and using the toilet

On Wednesday, 17 crews are working to repair waterlines and eight crews are working to ensure repairs have been made and customers’ service is restored.

As of this early this afternoon, there were 39 active waterline breaks with water shut off to 20 of those. Currently, 146 residential customers and 33 businesses are impacted. Since the start of this event, the city responded to a total of 400 waterline breaks.

The city continues to take calls for busted water meters and frozen private waterlines. Since the start of this event, the city responded to more than 30 broken water meters. Additionally, TFD and the Water and Sewer Department collectively responded to roughly 950 emergency cut-off calls at private residences.

Repairs are being prioritized based on when the waterlines were shut down. The City’s main focus is to repair waterlines and restore service to all affected customers.

Residents who are experiencing private waterline breaks on their side of the line are asked to either use the water shutoff valve inside their residence if they have one, or call Water Dispatch to come shut the water off at the meter outside. It is believed additional water loss from private waterline breaks is contributing to the need for Tulsa water customers to continue to conserve water.

Last week, Water Dispatch responded to nearly 4,000 calls and Sewer Operations Maintenance responded to an additional 600 calls – up from the city’s normal weekly average of 750 calls.

To report waterline breaks, customers can call Water Dispatch at (918) 596-9488 or Sewer Dispatch at (918) 586-6999. Additionally, customers can report waterline breaks via email to

Courtesy Leak Credit Program

In anticipation of some Tulsa water customers who could see higher utility bills due to water leaks on private lines, the City of Tulsa has a courtesy credit for qualifying water leak events.

Though not all events qualify, some do. If approved, qualifying Tulsa water customers will receive a credit in future utility bills. More detailed information on qualifying events and how to request a credit can be found at:

Tulsa water customers who receive, or expect to see, higher water bills as the result of a water leak can setup a payment arrangement plan until their credit request is reviewed and/or granted. Customers needing to setup payment plans can call 311 to speak to a Customer Care representative or use the automated phone system by calling (918) 596-9511 to arrange equal monthly installments for 30, 60 or 90 days.

Water Stations Available

There are various water stations open across Tulsa and in other Tulsa water service areas for those affected by recent waterline breaks. A detailed water station list can be found online.

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