Investigator plans to attend Cole execution

Posted at 10:47 PM, Oct 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-01 23:47:35-04

The attorney general of Oklahoma is now asking to stay all scheduled executions indefinitely, including one planned for next week.

Benjamin Cole was sentenced to death in 2004 after he was convicted of killing his nine-month-old daughter in Claremore.

Tim Norris began investigating the death of Brianna Cole in 2002. Even though he's now retired from the Claremore Police Department, he still thinks about everything she didn't get to experience in life.

"Her first time to go to school, all the birthday parties and the Christmases she missed out on," Norris said, " and the fact that she's not going to have a life."

Norris said Cole's father almost immediately confessed to killing his daughter at the family's home in Claremore.

"He was in his bedroom playing a Nintendo 007 game," Norris said. "She started crying and wouldn't stop crying, and it made him angry because it was interfering his game."

Norris said the infant died after Cole snapped her spine and tore her aorta.

Cole's wife, Susan Gail Young, was later convicted for permitting child abuse. Norris said she did nothing to help the child even though the couple lived a block from a hospital.

"Any concerned mother, anybody that I've known would have grabbed that child up and ran that child across the street to the hospital," he said.

Norris got a letter on September 22 asking him to attend Cole's execution on October 7. He plans to go and expects the state to work out the issues it had this week during Richard Glossip's second scheduled execution.

"It's not so much to see him die," Norris said, "but it's like a closure to the case."

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has not yet ruled on the attorney general's request to stay all scheduled interviews.