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Christmas decorations stolen over the weekend from several families' homes in Claremore

Posted: 6:02 PM, Dec 04, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-05 00:02:00Z

CLAREMORE, Okla. -- A Grinch is actually stealing Christmas from families after several people reported their decorations disappearing over the weekend. 

Keri Blackmar watched from her window Saturday night, as someone pulled up in a truck, jumped out and snatched a six-foot-tall inflatable Santa on a motorcycle out of her front yard. 

"It happened all so fast because I was just in shock," Blackmar said. "Did this really happen? Somebody really stole our Christmas decorations." 

That same disbelief happened when Angela Pinkerton across town walked outside Sunday morning. She moved the Christmas decorations that weren't stolen indoors, including an inflatable snowman and an illuminated Santa. 

"It's just a big shock," Pinkerton said. "We've been here four years, and we've not had any issues with our lights, ever. Every year we do more and more out here, and we won't be doing that anymore." 

Another family also had a decoration stolen in front of their house. For the past eight years, they had an inflatable zebra dressed as Santa, but sometime on Sunday it disappeared. 

Police took reports on these crimes, and they're encouraging people to look out for their neighbors. 

Back at the Blackmars' house, though, a woman on Facebook offered to replace the family's stolen Santa, but this time they're planning not to leave him in the front yard. 

"My husband's thinking maybe this time we should put it on the roof," Blackmar said with a laugh.