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Cherry Tree Water District members hold benefit dinner

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-04 23:27:23-04

Members of the Cherry Tree Water District are going above and beyond to help employees who haven’t been paid in four weeks.

The current board members saying it’s the water district manager’s fault.

"Taco Tuesday" came a day early for the employees of the Cherry Tree Water District.

A luncheon was held, lines were out the door and it cost six dollars a plate, so a handful of employees can pay their bills.

300 families in rural Adair County were eating at the Greasy Community Center to donate their hard earned money to the four Cherry Tree Water District employees who haven’t been paid in four weeks. 

The current board said they had an emergency meeting and filled three of the four positions.

They do claim no one has been fired.

The board treasurer said the water bills weren’t paid because two signatures are required on every check sent to the city — and they didn’t have enough board members to sign the checks. 
Two board members held an emergency meeting — and appointed another member. 

They claim the reason the employees haven’t gotten paid was that time sheets were never turned it. 
But Cherry Tree Water District Manager Cameron Bennett says they’ve been in the office for weeks. 

"They're excuses," Bennett said.

The dinner is expected to bring enough money to help them get by. 

Citizens protesting with a petition they started circulating last week in hopes to end the division in their small town.