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Chateau 68 Apartment now have warm water, but still no gas

Posted at 4:40 PM, Oct 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-11 19:03:04-04

TULSA — The ongoing issues at the chateau 68 apartments continue to occur.

Earlier this week, people living at the apartments complained about being without gas for over a week.

Now some tell us they have warm water, but still no gas, and they are unable to cook.

"Not having a stove, being able to cook to feed your kids, bath your kids, especially females," Chris Guilory said.

Guilory says she's been having issues with her apartment since Trinity Multifamily Property Management took over on June 25.

"No woman or kid or families should have to go through this," Guilory said.

She says trying to get management to complete work orders is a hassle.

We spoke with the property owner Lyn Bessey by phone.

She claims some things may have slipped through the cracks, but she has a long list of completed work orders.

"Please fix my apartment we having pipes busted," Guilory explained. "They digging holes over here, not covering them up. I covered up a hole that they dug up because of the kids."

The Tulsa Housing Authority says they were notified of issues at Cheateau 68 Apartments.

They investigated and verified the complaints.

Now they are allowing residents with 'Housing Choice Vouchers' to relocate to new apartments if they wish.

"I can't take it anymore it's a done deal," Guilory said. "I'm out if i have to go live in a shelter i will. A hotel, i don't wanna stay here anymore, it's a wrap. Half of my apartment is packed up."

Guilory says she's tried to go to management, but the problems continue to increase.

She believes the only thing to do now is leave.

"I am going to get my money order for my application fee and I am going to turn it in today," Guilory said.

According to the Tulsa Health Department, there are plans to send an additional health inspector to the apartment complex on Monday.

The owners of chateau 68 apartments sent us a statement:

"We recently purchased Chateau 68. The problems at this property are problems we inherited from the previous owners, not problems caused by our management. We are working hard to correct all of the issues and we will continue to do so. Our goal is to make permanent repairs not temporary fixes. We have a complete over haul of the chiller system scheduled for this winter, so it will operate properly for years to come. We are working hard to make this kind of permanent repair on all issues that have surfaced, including the current problem with the gas lines. We appreciate the people that have worked hard with us to expedite these repairs. We also appreciate the patience and understanding of the residents, we realize they have been inconvenienced. We care about the residents and their concerns. Correcting the problems at Chateau is our highest priority.

Chateau Ownership
(Lyn Bessey)"