Cruise passengers warn others after recent trip

Posted at 10:24 PM, May 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-15 21:11:35-04

Summer break is just around the corner and many of us are planning vacations.

Returning home from a recent trip, a Muskogee family is warning others about cruises and they’re demanding a refund for their troubles.

“If we would've known that we were only going to one stop we may have not taken the cruise, we may have postponed it to get the full cruise.”

Lisa and Kelsey Woodworth’s Carnival Cruise was slated for five days and two stops. First, visiting Progreso, Mexico and Cozumel second.

“This is a vacation for our family, we've planned it for a long time and it's just such a big letdown we couldn't go to Cozumel,” Lisa Woodworth explained.

A letter from the crew quickly cancelled their plans to go shopping and swim with dolphins.

“They kept blaming it on the wind, but they knew ahead of time the thrusters weren't working.”

A mechanical problem the Woodworth family first noticed when the ship left Galveston. The Liberty ship needed help from tug boats just to leave the dock.          

“We were mad,” Kelsey Woodworth said. “They let us get on a ship that wasn't working right.”

Carnival's Facebook page is loaded with angry posts from customers on this trip and others. Revealing the last cruise also missed out on Cozumel for similar reasons.

Carnival is sticking to their message, telling 2 Works for You high winds prevented the ship from leaving for Cozumel.

“They did give us $100 credit, ship credit, not cash,” Woodworth said. “Ship credit we could spend on the boat. That's just them getting their money back.”

The Woodworth's want a full refund and say their troubles could've been prevented if Carnival would've been more transparent.

“They knew ahead of time he ship was malfunctioning and didn't let us make an informed decision whether we wanted to stay with this cruise or book another one.”