Brown water flows from taps in Eufaula homes

Posted at 11:12 PM, Sep 10, 2015

It's flowing from the tap in Eufaula, but it doesn't look like anything you want to drink.  

The water is brown in some homes because of a valve break at the plant Monday.

“It's still OK,” Greg Buckley, Eufaula City Manager said. “It just looks bad for a couple days until we can get that sediment to settle down.”

Buckley says the sediment is a dust, debris from old pipes.

“It looks like rust, I don't think rust is safe,” Sharon Pillis, Eufaula resident said.

The city insists it is safe to drink.

Now the valve is fixed, some residents have to wait for the brown water to get flushed out of the system.

“It's like three to four times a month we go through this dirty water,” Pillis said.

Pillis is fed up, hoping the city comes up with a permanent fix soon.

“Now I'm starting to get a bigger picture of what our line problems, some maintenance issues we can start to address,” Buckley explained.

It may take a few more days for Pillis's water to return to normal.

“I guess we'll go to a friend’s house in a another town, clean up and bring some water back that's our only choice.”