Brookside residents concerned over neighborhood speeding

Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-01 21:15:45-05

TULSA -- Speeders are causing a concern among Brookside neighbors.

Many along 49th and Newport said traffic speeds through the neighborhood.

They say many drivers are going to and from I-44 or taking a shortcut from Peoria to Riverside.

“When you're coming down here and you're doing the speed you want to do, what happens when you lose control?” said neighbor Monica McCurdy.

It's a question that's plagued McCurdy for months.

“People will come through here and they're probably doing 35-40,” she said.

Others have also noticed the danger.

“I'm glad my kids are grown and they don't live here anymore,” said neighbor Darrell Eckles. “A lot of high speed around 4-5 o'clock or 730 in the morning.”

Now they're searching for a speeding solution.

“Do I like speed bumps? No, but if it's going to help my problem and slow things down? Then I think it's a really good option for us to use,” said McCurdy.

Engineers with the City of Tulsa said stop signs don't cut it.

They only use speed humps as a method to slow drivers.

“On average we get about 150 requests per year,” said Traffic Engineer Lisa Simpson.
But money from annual funds is limited...and the demand is high.

“We want to make sure we're getting these speed humps on the streets that need them the most,” said Simpson. “We also do have about 8 or 9 neighborhoods right now that's going through the petition process.”

McCurdy said she's already done that for 49th Street.

But she won't stop, she says, if it means making Brookside quieter, slower...and safer.

“You live in neighborhoods yourselves...and if you were in our position, what would you want for yourself?” she said. “That's something they need to ask themselves because they represent us and we elect them in those positions.”

The City urges residents who see speeding near homes to call police and log it.

Neighborhoods who are interested in stalling speed humps in their streets can find more information here