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Brookside nail salon staves off online assault after mask confrontation

Posted at 1:18 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-22 00:38:58-04

TULSA, Okla. — A local woman said on Facebook tgat she’ll never go back to one Brookside nail salon after they forced her to leave for not wearing a mask.

The salon said they’ve had a mask-wearing policy since the coronavirus hit, but the woman said she’s never had the issue there before.

"I was totally intimidated, embarrassed, humiliated and i left out of disgust," Jennifer Porter, the nail salon complainant, said.

"We’re just following the rules," Hollywood Nails of Brookside employee, Grace Nguyen said.

Two sides to a story at a Brookside nail salon. One from a mouth behind a protective mask...

"We asked her to put a mask on," Nguyen said.

...the other face exposed.

"How many times do i have to say i can’t?” Porter said.

Porter tells 2 works for you, she showed up to Hollywood Nails of Brookside just like every other walk-in appointment.

Despite the mask requirement signs on the door of the salon, Porter said she never worn one inside before.

"I had been there repeatedly four separate times and not once did they say it wouldn’t be okay for me to come back," Porter said.

But this time they did.

"She said that she’s had a medical condition and so my boss asked if she could put on a face shield and she said ‘no, they don’t work’," Nguyen said.

"It’s really nobody’s business," Porter said, "I just can’t wear masks.”

No mask. No face shield. No service.

"I was like, ‘Okay, i have to ask again', so I just went up to her and I was like so calm about it," Nguyen said.

"They kept asking me couldn’t I just wear a mask…and I said i can’t," Porter said.

A cordial confrontation turned into a shouting match.

"One lady is yelling and screaming at me to get out," Porter said.

"Nobody made a scene besides you," Nguyen said.

After the verbal fight, the scuffle moved to social media.

Porter took to Facebook and wrote about her experience at the nail salon, calling it a “personal attack”.

"Everything she said was basically a lie," Nguyen said.

"They proceeded to call family members and friends and they would call other people in to attack me," Porter said.

Nguyen scrolled through the comments of supporters showering porter with sympathy, so she decided to add her side of the story. The back-and-forth ongoing.

Nguyen did oblige to remove her mask for this interview, but face coverings are still required in Hollywood Nails on Brookside.

Porter tells 2 Works For You she is looking to take legal action against the salon.

Porter said she chose no to disclose or show proof of her medical condition because it is confidential.

The City of Tulsa mask mandate exempts people with certain medical conditions under CDC guidelines from wearing face coverings.

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