Broken Arrow father speaks out saying depression took his teenager's life

Posted at 6:40 PM, Oct 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 06:44:35-04

Jaymeson West's father spoke out over the weekend, saying his son succumbed to depression when he jumped over the railing at the top of the stadium on Friday.

Members of the Broken Arrow community said they never expected to see suicide.

Parents said they did not know what to think when Jaymeson died after Friday's football game. The 16-year-old's father Michael West said depression is the "deft and wicked enemy" that took his son. Now, the community is left in shock.

"Was it bullying? Because most of the friends here, if you hear about that it's usually a bullying issue but all the kids here super close. They're really nice. Great group of kids," Angel Maryadi said.

West said his son was his best friend, representing everything good. He said his son was not weak or selfish.

"It's different now I guess. Kids are a lot more emotional and I don't think they have the time or the ability to vocalize how they're feeling nowadays. I feel like they keep it all in," Maryadi said.

The high school junior was in the band, and will be remembered for his spirit.

For other parents, they said it just encourages them to spend more time with their own children.

"I feel like now everyone is busy, everyone is on their phone. Even my husband, he'll come home from work and is constantly checking email on his phone and I'm like hey, and my daughter, sje's 10 and she wants a cell phone. I'm like no, that's too much," Maryadi said.

 In Broken Arrow, 2 Works for You also spoke with an emergency room nurse in the neighborhood. She said suicides, especially among teenagers, has become a growing problem over the last ten years.