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Bixby clinic sees rise in COVID testing as cases increase

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Posted at 6:13 PM, Aug 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 19:46:00-04

BIXBY, Okla. — COVID-19 testing sites are becoming busier as cases continue to rise heading into September.

Axis HealthCare in Bixby recently expanded the number of drive-up testing spots.

At Axis, a nurse will give you a PCR nasal swab test. Axis said you should get your results the next day.

The clinic in Bixby is one of five Axis locations across Green Country. Krista N’Gom, the growth coordinator for Axis HealthCare, said they saw a 300 percent increase in COVID testing and positive cases over the past few weeks.

“For the last three weeks we were only testing about 100 people a week," N'Gom said. "And right now, we’re testing nearly 400 people a day.”

She said a majority of those COVID patients are 20-45 years old, which is younger than what they saw when the pandemic began.

As more people are getting tested, finding a test is becoming a struggle for some.

“When people pull up they are so thankful because they didn’t know where they could get tested or how they could get tested," N'Gom said. "And they heard that the wait times are horrendous. They heard that the results can take three to five days to get back and they’re scared, they’re fearful. They’re scared for their families as well.”

Dr. Mary Clarke, president of the Oklahoma State Medical Association, said they are running low on rapid tests. But, she said people should still be able to find a test.

“But the ability to test, there’s a lot of places that it really just has been the ability of the timing for some people, and if you want a rapid test or if you want that confirmatory PCR test," Dr. Clarke said.

When it comes to those who are getting tested, N’Gom said she’s noticed another difference since the Delta variant began to spread.

“When COVID first came through we were seeing asymptomatic patients," N'Gom said. "With this variant, we’re seeing a lot of patients with symptoms. It’s pretty rare that we have a patient that has absolutely not even a runny nose.”

The cost of a COVID test depends on your insurance. If you're uninsured, Axis HealthCare can cover that cost using CARES Act funding. But it does vary by business, so be sure to check what is covered before getting tested.

You can find testing locations in the Tulsa area here.

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