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Bever emotional over Medical Examiner testimony

Posted at 8:25 PM, May 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-01 21:25:10-04

TULSA COUNTY -- Five witnesses took the stand Tuesday in the trial against Michael Bever.

Bever is accused of killing his family in July of 2015.

Meaghan Jones, a criminalist with OSBI, took the stand first. She said she was called to the scene because of its size early on the morning of July 23, 2015.

Jones said she was on the scene for about 11 hours that day and called it a “massive undertaking”. She eventually called in back up.

She said she first focused on the kitchen, because it was covered with shoe impressions.

Jones and her team photographed the prints they found at the scene for further analyzing.

Throughout the next year, Jones was able to positively identify prints found throughout the home as belonging to Michael Bever.

Specifically, she named the interior side of the front door, 16 prints from his left foot and 11 of his right foot in the kitchen, one impression of his right foot in the “teen bedroom”, a palm print on the interior door frame, two impressions of his right foot on in the bathroom door and three of his right foot in the boys’ bedroom.

Jones did say some of the prints she collected were inconclusive. She could not link prints in the bathroom, alarm panel, dining room nor on the knives collected to anyone.

Next on the stand was Detective Brett Burton with BAPD. He testified that he was the third officer on the scene in 2015.

"There was blood everywhere," Det. Burton said. "Every corner we turned seemed like there was a body."

In October of 2017, he said he was asked to extract information from five cell phones including one believes belonged to Michael Bever.

Det. Burton said the program they used to get data off of phones can find web searches, deleted texts and pictures and call logs.

Det. Burton said he prepared a report for the investigators in the case but did not say what was uncovered on the phone

He also said there was two "puncture marks" on the screen of the phone.

The third witness to take the stand was Brad Gage who works for Fedex.

He testified that he was asked by an investigator at Broken Arrow Police in July of 2015 to intercept three packages that were set to be delivered to Robert Bever at his home on July 23. Gage said they were never delivered. He got to the packages first and handed them off to BAPD.

Looking at the package tracking documents, Gage said the packages were from "Lucky Gunner."

Next was Juan Carlos Lozano who worked as a detective for BAPD at the time of the killings.

Lozano said he was asked to go to a Broken Arrow gun shop and ask for packages that were shipped there for Robert Bever. He was given three packages.

He said inside the packages were three guns: two Glocks and a shotgun.

Lozano also testified that several thousand rounds of ammunition were inside the boxes the previous witness, Gage, intercepted for BAPD. 

He said the ammunition would have fit the guns also addressed to Robert Bever.

Lozano did say that Robert Bever would not have been able to pick up the guns from the gun shop because he was not 21-years old.

The final witness on the stand was Dr. Joshua Lanter, the medical examiner who performed the autopsies on David and April Bever.

Dr. Lanter went through each stab wound to Michael and Robert's parents one by one.

David suffered 28 stab wounds all over his body, including his back, chest, abdomen, neck, arms, palm and cheek. He also suffered blunt force trauma to his chest, abdomen, back, arms, elbow, finger, wrist and thigh, according to Dr. Lanter. He could not speculate what caused the trauma.

Some of stab wounds were so deep that that his organs were affected. Dr. Lanter said his lung, one of his vertebrae, small bowel, spleen, left kidney, thyroid and carotid artery were affected.

Dr. Lanter said based on the wounds to David, he would only expect him to have lived a few minutes.

He continued with April's 48 stab wounds.

She suffered stab wounds to her scalp, ears, temple, cheeks, neck, chin, chest, abdomen, back, arm, elbow, wrist, hand, palm and fingers. 

Her wounds injured one of her large blood vessels that pumps blood from the heart to her arm, rib, spleen, left kidney, thoracic vertebrae, another artery and liver. 

Dr. Lanter said April's injuries were dangerous individually, but collectively were potentially lethal.

April also suffered from blunt force trauma.

Dr. Lanter said some of the wounds on April and David were consistent with self-defense.

Michael Bever did get emotional towards the end of the Medical Examiner's testimony.

The defense will pick up with cross examination of Dr. Lanter Wednesday morning.

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