Police supporters gather outside Tulsa County Courthouse

Posted at 7:59 PM, Sep 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-27 23:32:27-04

Protestors for Terence Crutcher weren't the only ones out Tuesday afternoon. A handful of Back the Blue supporters gathered outside the courthouse. 

"I'm here to support the Tulsa police, all police and all people," Tulsa resident B.J. Spellman said. 

Standing amongst a group of ten, Spellman waves to cars passing by near 5th and Denver. 

He's standing in solidarity not only for Tulsa police, but law enforcement around the country. 

"I think they go out of their way to serve the public," Spellman said. "I wouldn't really want to be on the streets without them." 

Along with Spellman, others gathered outside the Tulsa County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon to rally for Tulsa Police. The event was organized by Law Enforcement and Supporters for Media Accountability or LEMSA. This rally comes after multiple protests against Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby were held last week.

"We get to sit at home and judge by what we see in little 15 second clips, they've got to live it," Sand Springs resident Julia Clayton said.

With sign in hand, Clayton says she's ready to show her support.

"If I get up and don't go to work tomorrow because my feelings are hurt, the world isn't going to end," she said. "If they decide it's not worth it, our world is screwed."

One Tulsa Police officer took a few minutes to shake hands with supporters. 

Although tensions are still high, B.J. Spellman just wants everyone to come together. 

"Let us all support one another in brotherly love," he said.