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BA Superintendent addresses use of Artificial Intelligence in schools

Posted at 7:42 AM, Aug 15, 2023

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — The rise of Artificial Intelligence is sparking conversation among school district leaders in Broken Arrow.  

Superintendent Chuck Perry said he wants to use the tool as a positive but recognizes it comes with challenges.  

"I do not want to be fear-based about it,” he said.  

The question is, how to tell what is authentic and what is not?  

"You can't ask students to go home and write a paper anymore…. and bring it back because you don't know if the student wrote it or not,” Perry said.  

Those are areas Perry said the district will have to adapt to. Tracking proficiency with the existence of AI will also be a challenge.  

“We're having to do assessments differently than before with the introduction of AI and ChatGPT,” he said. “That has changed the way teachers are going to have to teach and really have authentic assessments of where a student is at."  

Perry said it's a learning curve, and he wants to approach the technology as a tool.  

‘We would be naive to try to block it out of school,” he said. “[We have to] educate our teachers on how to use it and make them more [aware] how students could use it."  

The district recently had its virtual director give a presentation to the school board about the rising technology.  

“Times have changed,” Perry said. “Technology is changing, and it’s out there in the real world, so we have to prepare our students to be able to transition into that and how to use it as a positive rather than a negative."  

Perry adds there is no ruling out using the technology in schools, but for now, there's still a lot to learn.  

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