BA auto shop catches thieves on camera

BA auto shop catches thieves on camera
Posted at 10:04 PM, Oct 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-04 23:04:32-04

BROKEN ARROW -- A Broken Arrow business caught a group of thieves in the act breaking into a car in the parking lot of Lifetime Transmissions. 

Broken Arrow police say there’s been an uptick in property crimes and a local auto shop was the next victim.

The work never stops.

“so that means i have to buy a new drum kit?” Lifetime Transmissions Owner Wayne Scherado said.

At lifetime transmissions, customers come first.

"I thought there were two things broken, that one. and is the rain sensor itself ok?” Scherado said.

Monday work halted just before lunch when a red car pulled into the parking lot and stopped at owner Wayne Scherado’s prius.

“I ran out after them," he said. "There were two people that got out of the car. I ran up to the car and as I was running up to it, they darn near backed over me. So I ran over to the side of the car and tried to get in. I’ve had to let two people go, one just recently of last week and we are wondering if they have some ties with that person. We do not know.”

The auto shop turned in surveillance video and pictures to police.

“Something needs to happen to get these people to stop. they are taking things that hard working people are working to get. they’re trying to make a living and you’re taking what they have," Lifetime Transmissions receptionist Valerie Wilson said.

With the case in the hands of those who protect and serve, Lifetime Transmissions plans to find the culprits. 

Broken Arrow police say the case has been assigned to the detective division and will be investigated.