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A rebound journey to the job market

Posted at 10:43 PM, Apr 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-24 23:43:37-04

TULSA, Okla — To rebound from the pandemic and help make ends meet long term, finding the right job is key.

It's not often that you go out looking for one and you land it right on the spot.

“This past week just kind of getting all the questions you know from all the family and loved ones, how’s it going and stuff? How have you found anything yet?," Stephen Tilley said.

Tilley is a father and husband, he is also one of hundreds of people searching for a job to help support his family.

His commitment to his family pulled him aside from the job market.

“Beforehand I was just doing construction work then laying carpet then started a family and kind of decided to be the stay home parent," Tilley said.

Now he's ready to return to the workforce, and finding the right opportunity is extremely important to him.

"Yeah, with two individuals relying on me for that kind of security, it’s really important and weighs heavily on me, I know it does for a lot of other people in times like this right now,” he said.

Straight Line Paint and Remodeling hosted a job fair in Veteran's Park, hoping to fill 50 more positions ranging from painters to drywall specialists.

“Everyone is having problems hiring people and that’s what we’re facing right now," Jeremy Gray, production supervisor for Straight Line Paint and Remodeling said.

Gray tells us they've had to turn down a lot of jobs recently because they don't have enough personnel.

However, the job fair was the opportunity that Tilley was waiting for. He interviewed right on the spot and landed the job.

Now he's encouraging those searching for jobs to remain hopeful.

“If you’ve missed or lost out on an opportunity, just keep getting up and getting out there and eventually something will happen -- just stay positive," Tilley said.

For more information about Straight Line Paint and Remodeling and their job postings, click here.

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