A local doctor says water that's above 100 degrees can cause burns to the body

Posted at 6:42 PM, Jun 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-23 20:00:06-04

A water hose might not cross your mind as a dangerous tool, but it can be, especially when it's been sitting outside on hot days.

An Arizona mother accidentally burned her nine-month-old son after she filled her kiddie pool using water from a hose.

“I was really upset and sad that could happen. I actually went out that day and checked the temperature on my hose," said Ashley Lober from Tulsa.

She was shocked at how hot the water was. 

We wanted to test it out ourselves, so we measured the water temperature of a hose that was outside in 90 degree weather. Our digital thermometer read more than 120 degrees.

"A short burst of 120 degrees isn't going to hurt you," said Dr. James Johnson from Tulsa's Alexander Burn Center.

He added that the longer you're exposed to hot water, the more dangerous it gets. He said water above 100 degrees can cause severe burns to the body.

Dr. Johnson said the young and elderly are more susceptible.

"If you have water that's in the water hose and you're going to be using it on an individual, letting it run for a bit would be first choice," said Dr. Johnson.

Parents like Lober said they'll be extra watchful in their backyard.

“I always make sure that the hoseline is coming out cool before we fill in the pool," said Lober.





“I always make sure that the hoseline is coming out cool before we fill in the pool.”