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5th anniversary of south Tulsa quadruple murder

Posted at 8:58 PM, Jan 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-08 06:20:10-05
TULSA, Okla. - Sunday marks the 5th anniversary of the quadruple at Fairmont Terrace, now named Savanna Landing. Although it's been five years, the horrific incident hasn't left the minds of the people who live in that neighborhood. 
16,000 people live in 49 different government assisted apartment complexes in a three mile radius, like Savanna Landing. It's an area that's been prevalent for violent crimes, but now on the mend. 
The rain represents tears for four women.
“Wounds haven’t healed although time has passed," South Tulsa Community House Executive Director Karen Streeter said. "When you hear four people not only murdered, but executed you think of the larger cities on the coats, you don’t think of Tulsa, Oklahoma.”   
They are names that are still on minds at Savanna Landing. 
“There are still a lot of people who knew those women, who were friends with those women and who are friends with their family," Streeter said. 
Streeter is working with police, churches and other organizations to turn the neighborhood around. 
“I think it’s about a 25% to 30% reduction in serious crimes in this area," she said. 
The biggest goal is to change the stereotypical perception of the area. 
“When we say 61st and Peoria, what pops into people’s mind?" Streeter said. "The caution crime tapes and the police cars.” 
As the rain continues, two brothers sit in prison and four families remember four faces and four hearts. 
“Not only shook this neighborhood, but I think it also shook the community to think that that happened here," Streeter said. 
Both James and Cedric Poore were sentenced to life in prison without parole.