4th person arrested in connection to fatal shooting at Mohawk Park, reports Tulsa police

TULSA – A fourth person has been arrested in connection to a fatal shooting at Mohawk Park, says Tulsa police.

Adan Banuelos, 19, was booked on first degree murder and kidnapping complaints in relation to the death of Wilmer Flores.

Last week, Jennifer Lopez, 18, Alejandra Santoyo Guzman, 20, and Jose Dejesus, 19, were all arrested on complaint of first degree murder, two counts of robbery with dangerous weapon and kidnapping in connection to Flores’ death, says police.

Walker says Flores is believed to have been killed because his brother is suspected of stealing a truck. The suspects are believed to have gone to the victim's apartment in search of his brother and the stolen truck, then abducted and killed the victim.

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