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3 months after lawn mower accident, Kellyville 2-year-old will have new arm

Posted at 11:07 PM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 00:07:01-05

KELLYVILLE, Okla. — A family from Kellyville asked for help and the community showed up.

2-year-old Mackenzie Woods’ arm was torn up by a lawn mower in late September, but is expected to have a new myoelectric prosthetic arm by the end of December.

“Lawn mower accidents are out there and they can happen to anybody,” Miracle Woods, Mackenzie’s mother said.

Mackenzie was out playing at home when the mower was started. She tripped and got sucked in.

Now, stitches are gone and wounds are healed, making for an easier job for Brandon Arnette who is Mackenzie’s prosthetist orthotist from Pogressive Prosthetics.

“It’s always wonderful to be able to help somebody back on their feet or shake a hand for the first time,” Arnette said. “When it’s a cute little girl, it’s that much better.”

Mackenzie is currently getting acquainted with a cast. Arnette conducts at-home fittings, where she is most comfortable. The visits also give Arnette a chance to look at Mackenzie's muscle control after the nerve damage, to find out how much control she will have over her new hand.

“He's waiting on the actual skin to come in - is what he’s waiting on. He said, once he gets that, he can match that with the pigment and get it here by Christmas,” said Miracle. “I was blown away. I was thinking like a year or two, you know?”

The work will be a true Christmas miracle.

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