2 Works For You Problem Solvers: Oil change gone wrong

Posted at 2:36 PM, Jan 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 16:01:24-05

FORT GIBSON--Keeping your car in peak operating condition is vital to keeping repair costs at a minimum. That involves routine maintenance- like oil changes. 
That's why a Fort Gibson couple trusted a nationally branded repair center for their routine service.
But a simple oil change ended in a nightmare with a 6,000 dollar repair bill.

Desperate for helped they called the 2 Works For You Problem Solvers. That's when reporter Katie Wisely stepped in and took action.

"It's been a nightmare," said Zach Reynolds

While at the kitchen table Zach and Daylene Reynolds re-read the only paperwork they have. 
"I dread even seeing Walmart's name pop up on my phone," said Zach.

Just this complaint filled out by the reynolds after they claim an oil change went wrong at the Muskogee Walmart.  

"Wwe started smelling burning rubber odor coming from the vehicle," said Reynolds. 

"It started knocking real loud and the faster she went, the louder it got."

So the father of five took matters into his own hands. 
"There's something wrong we're going to have to take it to the shop," he said.
He brought the car to Fort Gibson tire and wheel.

"It was way low on oil," said Matt Nail, Fort Gibson Tire and Wheel Manager. 
"We discovered that the oil filter was leaking on it."

Manager Matt Nail says that can ruin an engine. "It can ruin the bearings in it and lock the engine up eventually and it was actually dying to a point where it was so low on oil that it was dying." 

He even filled out this paperwork for Reynolds to use for documentation. 
He said it would cost $5,000 to $6,000.

After multiple calls to Walmart's corporate office, Reynolds says the corporation had his vehicle towed from Fort Gibson back to Walmart in Muskogee. 

"There's internal bleeding but they're just trying to slap a bandaid on it and say good luck." Reynolds says Walmart changed his oil.. and told him to pick up his vehicle, but he refused and

demanded his engine be looked at.

Morgan Towing was there hooking up the van and towing it to Toyota." 
2 Works For You problem solvers called Walmart and demanded answers. 

Within hours of our first phone call we received this voicemail from corporate

"We're going to pay for all of the expenses the customer seems satisfied."
Now the Reynolds will having a working vehicle.