2 alleged Irish Mob Gang members arrested on kidnapping complaints

Posted at 8:07 AM, Jun 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 06:46:30-04

TULSA – Two men claiming to be associated with the Irish Mob Gang were arrested this week after holding a person against their will.

Officers were called to the a motel located near the 8500th block of East 41st Street where a woman reported being held against her will by Irish Mob Gang members. She told officials that the pair threatened her life because she cooperated in a homicide investigation regarding a suspect that allegedly was an Irish Mob Gang member.

Tulsa police say that Timothy Ignatovich and Joshua Krepps, 30, were arrested on complaint and charges were filed of intimidating a state’s witness, gang crime in association, threatening a violent act and kidnapping.

Upon arrival, officers located a vehicle containing the victim and two juvenile children along with the two suspects. Tulsa police were able to extract Krepp, the victim and two children from the car, but Ignatovich remained in the front seat.

After commanding Ignatovich to get out of the car, officers discovered a loaded 9 mm Luger firearm as well as numerous plastic bags with substances that police say later tested positive for cocaine, meth and a marijuana smoking pipe.

Tulsa police say that Ignatovich also admitted to being involved with the Irish Mob Gang, as did Krepps.