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16-year-old BA native prepares for Chili Bowl

Posted: 10:21 PM, Dec 28, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-28 23:25:52-05

TULSA — Holley Hollan is not your typical teenager.

Sprint car racing runs in the family, so when she was 5-year-old, she was already behind the wheel.

"I've been around racing my whole life," Hollan said. "My dad races. My mom used to race. It was definitely in my blood from the start, so I've never known anything different. I wasn't pressured at all it's been what I wanted to do."

Holley is now a professional racer.

"It really is seriously a professional sport and you just have to get to that level," Hollan said.

And she races for one of the top midget car teams in the country.

And is making waves in the racing world…

"Being a girl in a male dominated sport, no matter how much you just want to fit in you'll obviously stick out like a sore thumb especially at the beginning," Hollan said. "Now, I typically race against two other girls solid against 60 other guys.

At her garage in Tulsa, her team is loading up the trailer to drive across town for the Tulsa shootout.

Dad couldn't be more proud.

"She works pretty hard at it and she's really dedicated<" Hollan's father Harley said. "Some things you can teach with racing and then somethings you have to have the desire for it and she definitely has the desire. She works hard at it."

Holley will race next week in the Tulsa shootout and then turn right around and compete in the Chili Bowl.