ALERT: Fake Kohl's coupon shared to customers

Posted at 7:14 AM, May 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-25 08:14:55-04

Coupons are just about the best thing to have when shopping, that’s why this fake coupon notice must be shared.

It’s the deal that’s too good to be true, according to KFOR in Oklahoma City. 

The Kohl’s coupon claims to offer $75 off a purchase of $80 or more but it’s entirely bogus.  

KFOR provides some clues to tell if a coupon like this one is fake or real.

First up, the URL is directs customers to a website other than, such as (or some variation). There should only be one “.com.”

Another thing to watch for are grammar and math mistakes. Things like putting the wrong anniversary date for the company.

The Better Business Bureau shared some helpful tips on how to avoid having personal information hacked. Check it out below! 

"Don’t believe what you see. It’s easy to steal the colors, logos and header of an established organization. Scammers can also make links look like they lead to legitimate websites and emails appear to come from a different sender. Legitimate businesses do not ask for credit card numbers or banking information on customer surveys. If they do ask for personal information, like an address or email, be sure there’s a link to their privacy policy. When in doubt, do a quick web search. If the survey is a scam, you may find alerts or complaints from other consumers. The organization’s real website may have further information. Watch out for a reward that’s too good to be true. If the survey is real, you may be entered in a drawing to win a gift card or receive a small discount off your next purchase. Few businesses can afford to give away $50 gift cards for completing a few questions."