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Kendall Whittier to host festival for Hispanic Heritage Month

Mercados at Kendall Whittier
Posted at 11:21 AM, Sep 15, 2022

TULSA, Okla. — As Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off, we want to clue you into a big, free event celebrating Hispanic Culture.

Several Latin American countries celebrate Independence Day between September 15th and 18th.

Saturday, Sept. 17th, the community is invited to Whittier Square at the corner of Admiral and Lewis for Los Festivales y Mercados: Dia De La Independencia.

The festival will have swirling dancers, soaring music, splashy colors, and many tasty treats for people to enjoy.

"It's a really great opportunity to come out. See authentic dancers and talk to people who maybe were not born in the United States that can help you purchase items from them. It's just a great fun time," says Jessica Jackson Seay with Kendall-Whittier Main Street.

This festival grew out of weekend mercados at Whittier Square.

"Several, several years ago, we were hosting a Mercado on Saturday mornings just every other week throughout the summer, and it would always have our biggest event was always in September, and we would kind of turn it into a longer event and do this Independence Day celebration," explains Seay.

Diana Aldaba comes to sell her handmade jewelry.

"It makes me happy when people stop by and just look at it," says Aldaba.

At markets like this, she can share her art and culture with others.

"For some of us, it has a deeper meaning. It's not only just to be acknowledged, but it's more like to be part of the community, integrated, and somehow me as the vendor and making all the jewelry bringing all the communities together and get to know each other better."

Because dancing is such a big part of fiestas, the evening wraps up with everyone invited to give dancing a whirl.

"They just really love to come out and enjoy salsa music in the square outside and dance the night away," says Seay.

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