EXCLUSIVE: A Most Wanted Fugitive Caught In Oklahoma. Sheriff Describes The Historic Take Down.

Posted at 10:38 PM, Jan 30, 2020

ANTLERS, Okla. — A most wanted fugitive is off the streets. The historic take-down took over a year to happen.

Exclusive body camera footage shows the moments U.S. Marshals found Jacob Blair Scott. He has been on the run since 2018, after faking his own suicide.

Scott is accused of raping a child.

Just 24 hours after Marshals elevated Scott's fugitive status, which placed him on the 15 most wanted list in the country, a tipster reported him to the Pushmataha Sheriff's Office.

"Come out with your hands up! U.S. Marshal Service!"

Scott hardly put up a fight as authorities yelled to turn himself in.

Marshals say, in July 2018, the Mississippi native faked his own suicide in Alabama days before he was set to plead guilty in the case.

Law enforcement found a boat floating off the coast of Alabama with a gun tied to it and a suicide note listing his Denver family's contact information. Last year, deputies there went as far as posting fliers and asking around for Scott. Turns out, he has been in Antlers since September of 2018.

BJ Hedgecock, Pushmataha's Sheriff, says, "We're kind of a small community. It amazes me something of that category came to this little area. As rural as we are right here, it doesn't surprise me. You can stay hidden pretty well here."

The sheriff says Scott had multiple aliases.

"He kind of had fake ID's and just items to conceal his identity. He was using another guy's military ID and some different stuff with him."

Marshals describe Scott as a "survivalist" who knows how to live off the grid. He is also a military vet.