Collinsville neighbors seeing clearer water, but still want transparency

Posted at 5:56 PM, Sep 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 18:56:06-04

Neighbors in Collinsville are beginning to experience clearer water in their town, but are still searching for transparency from their city leaders.

City officials say the immediate plan to fix the foul water problem was to add filters and clarifiers in the filter system, and add more chemicals to neutralize the foul taste.

When the issue was at its worst, Collinsville resident Phil Ostrander called a meeting with roughly 100 neighbors to have their questions heard by city officials. However, more than a month later, he's once again looking for clarity.

"There's really no communication from the city on anything that's being done," Ostrander said. "It's what caused this problem to begin with - a lack of transparency and really no one giving goo, clear answers as to what the plans were."

Ostrander is glad the water has mostly lost its taste, and in the coming weeks he plans on holding an update meeting. He says he wishes to see elected officials attend this time around.