Blue-green algae found in Fly Creek portion of Grand Lake

DELAWARE COUNTY, Okla. -- The Grand River Dam Authority has confirmed the presence of blue-green algae in a portion of Grand Lake.

GRDA says the algae was found in a small area of Fly Creek which is off the Horse Creek arm of Grand Lake.

The levels of blue-green algae found in the portion of the lake are considered toxic. GRDA is advising the public to avoid bodily contact with water in the Fly Creek area.

"While most BGA are not toxic, toxins can be produced in some algae blooms," said Justin Alberty, spokesperson for GRDA. "We have communicated these test results to the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board. We are closely monitoring the area and will provide updates throughout the weekend as the situation progresses.”

According to the Oklahoma Department of Health, exposure to the algae can cause skin irritation, including rashes, hives or blisters.

“At this time, we just want the public to take precautions to avoid physical contact with the water in the Fly Creek area of the lake,” said Alberty. “We will continue to post updates as we continue to sample through the weekend. The rest of Grand Lake is wide open for business, so we encourage everyone to continue on with the weekend lake outings.”

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