Berryhill mother calling for sidewalks for kids near school

Posted at 6:51 PM, Aug 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-30 19:51:50-04

A Berryhill mother wants something done about the "dangerous" stretch of road leading to Berryhill Elementary School South. She says for years students have had to trek along a thin stretch of grass to get up the steep hill on S 65th W Avenue to make their way to school.

Nicki Moore is a mother of six, with two getting ready to attend elementary school. Even though it's a quarter mile up the hill, she still won't allow them to walk there in the morning.

"It's too scary being so close to the cars," Moore said.

Children keep to one side of the road and have the option of walking in the drainage ditch or inches away from the 40-MPH road. When they get up the hill, they have to hurry to get away from the street, as it's a blind hill for drivers and the stretch of grass gets even thinner.

The funds for a sidewalk would have to come from Tulsa County's budget, but the County Commissioner's office says there would be a couple obstacles.

The first obstacle would be prioritizing funds. A representative said many roads are still in disrepair, so they would be where the money goes first. The second obstacle would be working around the drainage ditch along the street. That ditch would make expanding the street difficult, and could prove problematic in implementing a sidewalk.

A representative for County Commissioner Karen Keith's office says they would be open to sitting down and going over the plan.